Tuesday, December 25, 2007

good news and bad news

Good news:
My luggage finally arrived, and is waiting for me at the airport.

Bad news:
The airport is now closed because there are no more flights arriving today.
So, I'm stuck in my dirty underwear yet another day, good thing there is no one else around to offend.
The plan is to head to the airport tomorrow to pick up my luggage. It should be interesting trying to speak to the taxi driver in my extremely limited french. Today, I made up a little list of phrases translated into french. Things like "I need to go to the airport" and "Please wait for me here". Although, from my previous experience with this sort of thing, I tend to freeze up when I am on the spot and revert to wild arm waving. It doesn't work so well, and people tend to look at me like I am retarded. Even if I did execute my little list perfectly, this would really only work if it were a totally one-sided conversation, god forbid if he asks me any questions... Maybe I can get someone to help me with the driver tomorrow.
So, it looks like I've got another day of sitting around at the kew house, which is remarkably boring. Luckily I have a good book, "Good Omens" by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (thanks Audrey). Unluckily (well, more like stupidly), my power convertor is in one of my checked bags, so I only have about 2 hours of computer life to while away the time. But I am very thankful that I have the internet on this Kew machine, slow though it may be.
Oh yeah, merry Xmas and all that. I bet the whole family is getting together at Mom and Dad's house today. I'm 8 hours ahead, so it's 6am in Wisconsin, mom and dad are already up and discussing (with no lack of stress) the things that need to be cleaned or prepared for the arrival of the family at 1pm. Although stressful at times, I wish I could be there. I take some comfort in knowing that although I will not be in attendance to do so, someone will get drunk and say something inappropriate. Well, you are the only family I have, and I miss you (even Vance, I know, I was surprised too).

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