Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My stuff!

Thanks to Steve Goodman, who called the cab for me, I was able to pick up my bags. No luck on a phone card yet, I asked all over the airport, and I could tell my driver was getting antsy. It is probably better just to buy a cell phone, they are only like 35,000 Ariary (1 dollar ~ 1,800 Ariary). It feels good to have my bags, I had been looking forward to this for a couple of days now. On the other hand, it really does little for my boring situation. Still just sitting here by myself. Plus, now I've developed a little sniffle, either a head cold, or allergies. I'm hoping head cold, because I do not want to be allergic to Madagascar, it would make the next month much less enjoyable. If it is a head cold, it is a weird one, no sore throut, and that usually comes first for me.
It's been raining 3-4 times a day here, and last night we had a proper thunderstorm, the power was flipping on and off more than usual (that means a whole lot). I'm happy to report that my solitude hasn't been totally wasted, I've been getting some work done that needed doing for a while now. It's amazing what 2 days of boredom will accomplish. Ok, all for now, I have a steaming bowl of ramen awaiting me.

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